The Wok is a comedy web series that follows a young dysfunctional group of friends (the crew) who run a Chinese restaurant (The Wok) together. Their convoluted views and unconventional behaviours often lead them into awkward situations at work and in their personal lives.

Stacy Yee inherits The Wok, a successful Chinese restaurant located in downtown, from her uncle James Yee who retired to Hawaii. He gives Stacy control over The Wok because he wants to teach her the value of hard work and not to expect that a rich husband will take care of her. The Wok is understaffed at the moment and Stacy needs to fill in positions quickly to get the restaurant running again. She contacts three of her former lovers: Dave, Ricky and Matt to come help her work at the restaurant. By hiring her ex-boyfriends on the cheap, Stacy sets herself up for more dysfunctional interactions with the guys and everyone else around her.

The Wok was created by Matthew Chan and David Der. Tired of seeing their fellow Asians getting stuck with stereotypical roles on TV and film, they decided to create The Wok, which ironically places its Asian cast in a stereotypical setting (Chinese Restaurant) as a way of breaking Asian stereotypes in a comedic fashion, while exploring issues of modern life.