Played by Annie Yao

Stacy is the proprietor and manager of The Wok. She inherited the restaurant from her uncle after he retired from the restaurant business. Stacy is a neurotic and strong-headed young woman.

Annie Y. is an actor, musician, photographer, currently based in Montreal. She has a B.Sc. in Sciences, martial arts training, plays the guitar and sings. She does film work, television, voice overs as well as theatre.

Her training involves Professional Theatre at John Abbott, MSOPA as well as other workshops in Montreal. Her roles include Robin Greenaman in Marathon ’33, and Flo the Witch in Three Witches. She has worked in many productions such as Tin Can People at the Montreal Fringe, Antigone and The Tempest with Kaleidoscope Theatre. Some of her short film credits include Leila Labelle the newsanchor on Le Plateau and Anne the Slayer in How to Recognize and Kill A Vampire.

A lot of her work are heavily movement and dance oriented, as well as include song and playing music.

She is currently producing her own webseries called “So, This Happened…” and writing her own play.


Played by Sean Curley

Dave is the chef of The Wok. He is childhood friends with Ricky, with whom he now shares an apartment with. Dave is the most egotistical of the crew and is a ladies man. Dave is also half-Caucasian and half-Chinese.

Sean Curley began training as an actor at a young age at the National Film Acting School in Montreal. He is a graduate of the Theatre Workshop program at John Abbott College and has also majored in Theatre and Drama studies at the University of Toronto.

He continues to work as an actor with various independent theatre and film companies while remaining active on social media as part of a sketch comedy troupe, Nearly Funny.

Sean currently has a recurring role on The Art of More, which airs on Crackle. His past credits include, X-Men: Days of Future Past, Fatal Vows, and Spike TV’s Blue Mountain State.


Played by Oliver Koomsatira

Ricky is the dish washer, janitor and delivery boy of The Wok. He is childhood friends with Dave, with whom he is now room mates with. He is the “bad boy” of the group and is a natural hustler. His addictive behavior and his lack of ethics causes him to make questionable life choices, leading himself and the crew into trouble.

Oliver Koomsatira graduated with honours from The Professional Theatre Program at Dawson College and has since performed in over 180 film, theatre, TV, dance productions and commercials. He has to this day performed over 1200 times for 450,000 audience members across Canada and The United States.

Recipient of The Elsa Bolam Award (2008) in Recognition of Outstanding Achievement by an Emerging Theatre Artist, his TV and Film credits include 19-2 (Bravo/CTV), Fatal Vows (Investigation Discovery) and Day 6 (Darren Aronofsky). He was also awarded the Outstanding Ensemble Award 2015 (My Entertainment World) as Dave Lowe in Factory Theatre’s Banana Boys, a play which was also nominated for a Dora Mavor Moore Award for Outstanding Performance – Ensemble.


Played by Matthew Chan

Matt is the waiter of The Wok. He appears dimwitted, but is smarter than he leads on. He is kind at heart and always has good intentions although his actions may suggest otherwise. Matt is a struggling actor/musician who is waiting tables to make ends meet.

Matthew Chan started off working in the film industry as a background performer, gaining knowledge and experience behind the scenes. He eventually worked his way up to Actor status when he got his first line in the film Punisher: War Zone (Lionsgate Films).

Matthew has produced numerous short films with co-producer David Der, which were well-received in the ACTRA Short Film Festivals.

Matthew is an accomplished bodybuilding/physique competitor and Chinese lion dancer. He also has training in martial arts and plays guitar.


Matthew Chan


Known for his hilarious and quirky short films, Matthew is a huge fan of comedies and sitcoms.

David Der


David studied cinema and theatre in college. As a film buff, David has familiarized himself with both classical and modern theatrical pieces of all genres. David also has experience as a director, producer, cinematographer, and editor.

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